Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Life, New World

For some reason, I was always one of those guys that said he'd NEVER end up anywhere in Utah. Nobody could make and it wouldn't happen to me in a million years. I felt like I belonged anywhere but the Beehive State. Something about it just kept me away at all costs.

Well, my friends and fellow bloggers, it's official. I have not only moved to Utah, but I have moved into Mormon Central (not a bad thing) right in the middle of Provo, UT. At first, I was very nervous and downright terrified of this new transition, but everything seemed to be falling into place. Honestly, I don't think anything has worked out for me this well since before my mission. And it all seemed like the right thing to do.

If somebody hasn't heard me say why I currently exist in Provo, I'll tell you. And if you haven't heard, apparently you're not my friend on Facebook...which is a tragedy in itself. I am here in Provo, because two weeks ago I applied for an internship randomly over at CedarFort Inc (book publishing company) in Springville, Utah. I didn't really think much of it, since I've been applying for many internships since December. Living in Elko, I had nothing else to spend my time doing.

And CedarFort ended up calling me two days later and interviewing me over the phone. The next day they called me and offered me the internship! I was pretty stoked. I ended up calling my bud Anton and out of a pure stroke of luck his roommate had JUST moved out.

I applied for jobs and they all called me back within days of my applications.

If this isn't the hand of the Lord in my life, than I don't know what it is. Either way, I feel like I'm supposed to be here for some reason or other and things are starting to look up. I'm so grateful and this place rocks.

Utah just has a different feel to it and people down here in Provo seem to be fairly down-to-earth. I was pleasantly surprised.

While I'm here, I'll probably end up at a random call center (Vivint, Nuskin, etc). And, starting in May my official sports writing internship through will begin. So keep an eye out for more and more NBA articles coming from me. They are so much fun to write and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

As of now, it seems as if both my dreams are coming true. If you'd like to know what those dreams might be, you'll just have to ask me. It's just so awesome the blessings we receive in our lives. :)

Also, most of the people I love in my life have some pretty cool stuff going on for them. Of course, my mother is happy and dating and enjoying life in Elko. I'm proud of her and how far she's come. She's pretty awesome. Sean graduates soon and seems to be figuring out what he wants to do after high school. He's also certainly come a long way and has become a man. Tyler is done with school and starts up in the Army soon. Plus he's got a pretty cool internship right now

 Jeff and Danyelle of course will be having their baby in like a week (I'm gonna be an uncle!!!) and just bought a new car. Jeff, you're just so darn mature now. ;) And Anton has a date every night (right now he's on one in the living room actually...) and has his dream job at the MTC. And my good buddy and inspiration, Lenny, is off on a mission teaching the word. :P

Anyway, this type of writing is extremely unlike me. I am more of a low-key, sarcastic writer for the most part. But I felt like this would be a good start to a blog that I want to keep up on. To finish up I'll just throw in a nice smile-inducing photo. This'll lighten up the mood a bit. This photo always gets me. :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Believe in Apple Pie

I'm pretty sure we all have those days where we go to bed early, ready to wake up early in the morning, jump on the ab workout machine (or whatever its called), and then go and tackle the next day with a vengeance. Then when morning comes around, you find yourself sleeping in to 12 PM, staring at your homework till 5 PM, and then going and sitting in front of the TV until 8 PM. That was yesterday...and so far today for me. Ha.

College has a way of doing that to me. Every semester I start off with 9 million goals in my head and all the motivation to be an amazing student. I buy myself a planner, I get 4-5 freshly bought notebooks marked up and ready for each class, I start reading my textbooks early. Then...the semester starts. I never look at my planner again. My 4-5 notebooks quickly become just one notebook used for every class. And I never read my textbooks again. This happens every time. For example: I'm writing this blog when I should be preparing a ten-minute presentation about Huckleberry Finn and writing another 8 page paper. It's a never-ending cycle.

The same thing happens with the way I feed myself. I go to the store at the very beginning of the semester and buy all sorts of goodies. I find myself buying loads of things to cook, complete with spices, ingredients, and recipes. I'm always stoked to begin forcing myself to learn how to cook. Then once the semester moves forward...the food I bought remains untouched and I resort to TV dinners. After the tv dinners, I resort to peanut butter sandwhiches. Now I'm living on Nutri-Grain bars and fast food. By the end of the semester, I'll probably have resorted to Pixi-sticks.

College- 1 Andrew- 0

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Life As I Know It

Being an English major/Journalism'd think I'd already have a blog by now. Nope.

This is it. Enjoy.

So, I guess, for my first post here, I could start by writing a little bit about where I've been and what I've been doing for the past...oh...three years. Well...I've been going to school about at BYU-Idaho and enjoying the lack of scenery. I recently switched my major to English and have been regretting that decision ever since. ;) I'm sure I'll enjoy it eventually.

I think I've officially broken my ties with Elko, as I haven't lived there for almost three months now!!! Woot woot! New record (not counting the mission). I think I'm in like my 5th semester up here at BYU-I. Something like that, it all kinda blends in.

This semester has been successful in more ways than just education. About two months ago or so, I started dating Miss Christine. I'll attach a picture at the bottom. Aren't we just cuteness overload? That's been going quite swell and I believe I made a very good decision. She's my best friend! :)

If I had a funny story or funny thing to say..I'd say it. I got nothing. So there ya go. I'm officially a blogger.

<---- There we are at the Space Needle!!!